OVERVIEW: Raise awareness and money for NYC's only non-profit wildlife rehabilitation facility. Run by nice Ladies Who Lunch, the WBF was struggling to source funding beyond their small circle of wealthy, older patrons.
One, through an anthropomorphic campaign approach that visualizes people trying to exist under the same difficult conditions as birds do, we wanted to overcome the misconception that urban wildlife is “just fine” without our help. Two, build a wider audience of young professionals with disposable income who may not be hardcore wildlife advocates but do want to attend events that are "the place to be" for that evening. We renamed their gala “The Annual Flocktail Party”, created fun, stylish materials, and sourced celebrity guests.
WHAT I DID: Concept, art direction, design, production
DELIVERABLES: Branding, press ads, OOH, emails, fundraising, events

Promo Video

Fundraiser Campaign, Print and Digital

Event Campaign, Print and Digital

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