Concept for UEFA 2020 Trophy Tour Activation and Traveling Exhibition.
Brief was to create an activation, both on and offline, to attract attention for the tour and get people involved. Also to design the spaces hosting the activities that will travel across Europe.
Activation "Perfect Pitch": get players to upload pics on and stories on social media about the pitches they used to play on before becoming pros. People can then upload their pitches for a chance to win tickets to the Finals. 
Exhibition Spaces: includes a traveling "museum" featuring a history of the game from a local standpoint and gear from teams across Europe. A steal dome using the brand illustrations was created to house the trophy so people can get pics taken with it.

Traveling "Museum" Exterior

Traveling "Museum" Interior

Dome containing the Trophy on display

Trophy Display for photo ops

Online Activation on Instagram

Online Activation using Instagram

Activation Wall

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