The Schweppes "Cocktail Lab" was created to launch a new beverage line called "Sparkling Juice Drink" that consisted of three unique flavors. They wanted to position them as a "grown-up" juice drink and to have more uses than just another flavored drink. So the task was "how?". By creating the Cocktail Lab & Lounge, Schweppes could demonstrate how the new drinks can be used with various types alcohol to create endless forms of cocktails. Thus making it a grown-up beverage and expanding its range of use. Since this drink line is sold at stores and at bars & clubs, people can enjoy the cocktails at home or their favourite hot spots.
The Lab is mobile and to be used at indoor settings, like Selfridges, and festivals around the UK. The Lab & Lounge is used at festivals and allows people to go to either bar depending on preference. One is the Cocktail Lab and other is for just for beverage sampling. Once at the Lab, staff with iPads ask visitors simple questions that allow the “Lab” to create their personalized cocktail. A bartender makes a sample of the custom drink based on their answers. Since the visitor has supplied their personal contact info, they then can send out their cocktail recipe via social media, using #cocktail_lab. Once they have cocktail in hand, they can relax at the Lounge and enjoy their personalized Schweppes cocktail.
Art direction, design
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