As Creative Director I was responsible for all things creative for the charity.
It started with an entirely new identity: logo, fonts, colors, etc that can be used across all social media, advertising, events, swag...just about everything.
Once everything was completed, I overhauled the website with our new branding and imagery (thanks to Alex Ward). I also optimized the site and reconfigured the UX to make it more accessible across all devices. And most recently, I went to Greece to meet several NGOs. I spent time with them and took photos of their facilities and activities for the refugees. These images were turned into a content library to be used by Indigo and the NGOs.

Concept, art direction, design, photography

Materials with new branding in place

New branding elements: logo, colors and fonts

Website with new branding and imagery

Social assets for fundraising campaign

Social assets for fundraising campaign

Annual volunteer feedback report

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