OVERVIEW: Don’t just tell our 18-25s that it is an important new trend. Demonstrate it through association. Make the PayPal app an integral part of hot trends in fashion, lifestyle, travel destinations, gaming, and music. The more out there and controversial the better. Encourage acceptance among retailers and services by showcasing their most exciting products. Compliment them for a history of doing things differently and make PayPal an immediate member of a club that’s all about innovation. A club that our audience also wants to be part of. Tie into influencers and edgy blogs through the products and activities we feature.
Posters create awareness and ads drive people to a PayPal microsite with articles on the latest trends. The site includes exclusive discounts and offers for PayPal Mobile users. Members will receive alerts notifying them when new offers are added or daily specials are.
WHAT I DID: Concepted, art directed, and designed this campaign.
DELIVERABLES: OOH, press, social, digital
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